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Hundreds of Barcelonians will spend the summer in their third residences

"Torra only banned the second residences" says a neighbor from Sarrià Sant-Gervasi         
18/07/2020 2730

Hundreds of Barcelonians will spend the summer in their third residences

This is what emerges from the data provided by the General Direction of Traffic related to the road exodus this past Friday after the warning from the Generalitat to Barcelonians not to go to their second homes. Some malicious media claim that citizens of the metropolitan area have simply passed the president's recommendations for the Arc of Triumph and have "disobeyed" the king of disobedience, but that's not true. The people of Barcelona have strictly respected the slogan of not going to second homes and have chosen to go to third ones.
The exchange of first residences would also be worth
Since not all Barcelona residents have a third residence, the humbler classes have opted for the exchange of habitual residence, exchanging flats in Barcelona and Tarragona, to give an example. "As they are first residences, and not second, that'll be Ok, and thus I'm respecting the instructions of the president", says a proud neighbor of Cornellà, who claims that, despite everything, the Police who stopped him at a roadblock "He also made a funny face when he heard that explanation".
Clueless man spits on the ground without realizing he's wearing a mask
Badalona's neighbor Aargh Sputch suffered a curious incident on Saturday morning. He was resting for a moment after unloading a box of fruit in his business when he felt the need to spit on the floor, which he did without realizing that he was wearing the mask. The feeling of amazement when observing that the floor was still clean while noticing a dense and sticky thing caught between the face and the tissue of the mask caused him an enormous ridicule feeling, increased by the fact that at that moment his girlfriend appeared accompanied by her parents, whom she was going to introduce him to. Aarch tried to greet his future parents-in-law (ex-parents-in-law at the present moment) but barely managed to stammer anything because of the obstacle clinging to his face. Sputch is admitted to the Sacred Expectoration Clinic with a picture of acute embarrassment and has stated that he doesn't want to talk to the press.
Torra, outraged that he's not beeing spied on or hacked like Obama or Elon Musk
The president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Joaquím Torra (first of his name) has filed a complaint to the United Nations for an alleged comparative grievance that he has argued on the basis that his Twitter account has not yet been hacked "like that of other great leaders and personalities in the world". So, Puigdemont's envoy on Earth doesn't understand that personalities such as former President of the United States Barack Obama or technology visionary Elon Musk have been hacked in the great Bitcoins scam while Torra, guru of the Ratafía, has not been taken into consideration. "They want to ignore me" he said. Similarly, he doesn't understand that his phone has not been intervened in the espionage plot revealed by The Guardian, while that of the president of the Parliament of Catalonia, Roger Torrent, has been. In the words of Torra "Torrent is a middleman and has nothing interesting to reveal. If they hack my mobile, they were going to freak out."
"Antifascists" will burn the books "Gone with the Wind" and "Don Quixote de la Mancha" for Sant Jordi, to claim tolerance and freedom of expression
The spokesman for the Spanish association of anti-fascist movements, Gerardo Minguero, has taken advantage of the slip of the Generalitat de Catalunya spokeswoman, Meritxell Budó, who mistakenly announced the cancellation of the so-called "Summer's Sant Jordi" to replace it with a celebration against fascism that doesn't forget books. Specifically, they plan to burn hundreds of them. They'll start with copies of "Gone With the Wind" by Margaret Michell "because a film was made that stereotyped black slaves." Immediately afterwards they will burn several editions of "The ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha" by Miguel de Cervantes, although "we don't know very well why, but the American antiracists have demolished statues of Cervantes, so that writer would do something wrong". Finally Minguero has stressed the importance of fighting racists and fascists because "they are an inferior race" and that anti-fascism is true democracy "and I'll break the face of whoever that questions me in this".

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