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..and people defended the police.

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Citizens summoned by social networks prevented the CDR from harassing the headquarters of the Guarcia Civil in Barcelona
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 21/09/2019 2143
When someone decides that he wants to be an agent of the law, he doesn't think about getting rich, but rather contributing to the welfare of society. An agent knows that the reward moments will be rather scarce and that he'll have to play his life more than once to protect people from serious threats or even rather absurd things. What an agent does not expect is that hordes of angry citizens, those same citizens he has sworn to serve and protect, will subject him and his companions to a terrifying siege.
That's what happened on September 20, 2017 and that's what nationalism intended to repeat this past Friday, commemorating the second anniversary of that shameful act with a new siege of the Guardia Civil. I can imagine that many agents thought about asking to leave this Friday, but I am also convinced that none of them did it. They knew that they had to face the provocations without help and that they should not answer those provocations, because that was their duty, the true uniform under their uniform, their vocation of service.
When an agent sees that the vandals go to him, emboldened by the anonymity of the hoods (and by the security that they live in a free and democratic country in which the most serious thing that can happen to them is to be identified) what doesn't expect is that many other people he has also defended now come to defend him. "This is our police" announced the majority of those gathered before the CDR, the repressive commands, imaginatively self-proclaimed "Defense Committees of the Republic", who were surprised to attend a scene in which the Barcelonians stood between their open hostility and due impassivity of law enforcement officers.
And let's not exaggerate the epic now. Surely if those indignant citizens had not appeared against this nationalism, smaller in numbers but radicalized, that encouraged violence under a disguise of pacifism, the worst thing that would have happened is an unfortunate spectacle of unperturbed agents keeping as far as possible their dignity under the insults, the exclusion symbols and the probable attacks with yellow paint. Probably there would have been no injuries, only the sad humiliation of those who have sworn to respect the law by those who have promised to violate it. But luckily that didn't happen.
Because congregated people prevented humiliation. Because before the claims of the CDR invoking Puigdemont, the constitutionalists responded by blasting Abba's song "Waterloo". Because before the shouts of "Els carrers seràn sempre nostres!" (The streets will always be ours!), the anthem of Spain sounded to show that the streets belong to everyone. And this time the mossos did not come to stop those who put the anthem, because the mossos were already there, and between the law and the chaos, the mossos choose the law with no doubts, another thing is when their politized superiors say otherwise, as happened two years ago, but not this time.
I'm convinced that the reaction of the people to go out and protect their democracy and those who defend it cannot have left the servants of the law indifferent. Neither Civil Guards, nor National Police, nor Mossos de Esquadra, nor any other body that has had knowledge of this can take the side of those who besiege and humiliate the law enforcers because democracy stands between them and their political objective. Those agents, resigned and committed to endure as always the envy of hatred without help or reward, were rewarded this time by the gratitude and solidarity of those they serve. If any agent has felt his vocation falter, that afternoon his doubts must have dissipated. Just for this it's worth it.
Because the police are here to defend the people, the law and democracy. But sometimes, only once in a while, people go out to defend democracy, the law and the police.

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