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CIM - Catalan Indoctrinated Minors

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The 'political NGNW' of Catalonia allow public demonstrations of the CIMs
Voces Layetanas
Carlos Martín 21/06/2019 1823

Young schoolchildren walk in a row on the street guarded by their monitors.

Instead of singing "Sol Solet" (Sunny sun), or the popular "Baby Shark", the school group vociferates at once and in an infinite loop the separatist mantra "free political prisoners".
They must be students belonging to a high-performance training center for gifted children, since at an early age they are already assimilating concepts such as politics, which allows them to discern between common prisoners and political prisoners in a conscious way, in their own free will and in an environment of free expression.
If this were not the case, it would be another example of how many teachers in Catalonia use their influence in minds in formation to direct them towards partisan ideological interests, turning them into CIMs (Catalan Indoctrinated Minors).
The Generalitat (Catalan nationalist regional government) has full competence in matters of education, for which reason it's responsible for these practices of separatist indoctrination, whether due to promotion, permissibility or negligence.  But regrettably, the solution lies in the hands of those who have originated the conflict, the political NGNWs: Neither Governs, Nor Works.
These pseudo-politicians wander idly looking with disdain at the Constitution and with impudence to the Law, with the peace of mind of having their children in private schools where the harmful practices that their parents enact are not admitted.

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