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December 6 - When Catalans and the rest of Spaniards exercised the right to decide

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The day of the Constitution, so reviled by nationalism, symbolizes everything they claim to defend
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 05/12/2019 1707
One autumn day the Catalans went to vote. They did it festively and with joy. They were exercising their right to decide. They had lived for years under the gray shadow of a dictatorship, and finally they could raise their voices to give their opinion.
The referendum allowed them to vote "Yes" or "No", but the way of voting of this people gave the result its own character. The Catalans not only said yes, like most Spaniards, but also gave a more forceful YES than the average of their compatriots. And not only in the proportion of their affirmative response were they noted. Being able to maintain their participation in the national average, they exceeded it widely. The answer was notorious and unambiguous.
They had voted YES to that post-Franco Spain. They had exercised their right to decide. They had voted and won.
That's the day that is commemorated on December 6. The beginning of illusion, of the common contract signed by our parents (that's why I speak of them in the third person) so that their children had a framework of coexistence that would protect them from future tyrannies.
Today the grandchildren of those who won the then distant civil war (Puigdemont, Marta Pascal, Lluis Llach and so many others who exchanged Spanish nationalism for Catalan nationalism and the Falange for Convergencia or Esquerra) want to take us back to the gray shadow of exclusive nationalism, to monolingualism and directed culture imposed from a fascist regime, to protectionism and isolationism that builds walls between us and our dreams.
That's why they deny feeling obliged by the constitution voted by their parents, as they deny the damage they inflict and the totalitarian nature of their methods and ideology, such as those who deny the holocaust, climate change or gender violence.
But the constitution voted by my parents also obliges me, as does the human rights letter that I did not vote for the curious motive of not being born then.
And that's why today more than ever it's a day to recognize the importance of what several great men, of all the cardinal points of our country and endowed with a sense of state, made possible to park their differences and their political tacticism and act to avoid let out that unique opportunity to achieve not only peace, but also coexistence for those they represented.
I look at today's politicians, particularly the leaders who lead the majority of formations, and they pale in comparison.
It was shown 41 years ago that we were capable of something else. We need to prove it again.
For our constitution.

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