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Does Catalan nationalism finance vandalism?

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The detention of CDR activists with almost € 10,000 in envelopes increases suspicion
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 28/10/2019 2141
The week in which Barcelona burned under the actions of nationalist radicals was a week of certain news, but also of urban legends. Some of them, such as the "violent infiltrators" sent by the Spanish government, were quickly denied by the force of the evidence, since all the detainees turned out to be independent activists, many of them attached to radical organizations. However, there was other news that couldn't be credible because it wasn't sufficiently documented. But one of them is acquiring reality visas as a result of the latest arrests made by the Mossos d'Esquadra.
First I'm going to tell you the rumor, the urban legend to which I refer. That legend was based on an audio that was viralized by WhatsApp claiming to be the testimony of a woman who spoke in Catalan and recounted how in a disturbance at the height of La Roca del Vallès a friend of her niece joined the groups of protesters, covering his face with a black hood and doing what he saw others do. After seeing the police, the boy fled with the rest and they all took refuge in a hall. Then two people appeared on a motorcycle, covered, and delivered an envelope to each. As his niece's friend was covered like the rest, he also received one of the envelopes. What wouldn't be his surprise when he returned home, in the envelope the boy found 3,000 €. The author of the recording concluded that some groups of radicals were charging for their violent actions. That someone dictated the objectives and was in person to pay them anonymously, with money envelopes, to make sure they met what was agreed.
I insist: What I just narrated is a WhatsApp audio without supporting evidence, so the first time I heard it, my automatic reaction was to discard it. It was necessarily a fake audio. A fabrication of some "patriot" to feed conspiracy theories (as if secessionism needed more). The fact that no further evidence appeared made me forget the fact.
However, yesterday the Mossos de Esquadra, (and now this is real news) stopped a group of CDRs that intended to cut the AP-7 highway in La Junquera. And the surprise to all was that at the time of the detention the kids carried envelopes of money that added up to the amount of € 9,900. The content of each envelope was very similar to that described in that anonymous audio, with 10 and 20 euros bills. The young detainees, all members of a nationalist organization known as La Forja, affirmed before the Mossos that the money was destined for social projects, they even mentioned that it would be used to "improve the regional public transport", but the Mossos don't believe that version and have proceeded to open an investigation to try to locate the source of the money. Apart from the money, activists were also seized other materials such as helmets and flammable liquids.
The news is worrisome, and the alibi wielded by the detainees is nothing short of incredible. Because the truth is that when someone is going to demonstrate illegally, the last thing they think about is to take with them the funds of a social project, distributed in envelopes without marks and in small bills. If you are riding a barricade with flammable liquids and carry 3,000 euros on top, one of the few things that would justify it would be that someone just gave them to you. And if that someone hasn't given them to you before, it's because he wants to verify that you are where he wants you to be, doing what he wants you to do.
In any case, my previous paragraph is nothing more than an elucubration. A hypothesis, probably very similar to some of those that the Mossos must be shuffling. Now more than ever it's necessary to differentiate between a hypothesis (as likely as it may seem) and a proven fact. The future will tell us if the hypothesis is fulfilled or if there is another reason (more innocent or perhaps much more sordid) for a handful of activists performing acts of vandalism carrying in a pocket what for many youngsters is the salary of three months.

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