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Ethics and Education in Catalonia

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Without these tools, certain sectors manipulate the indignation of citizens and direct them against their political opponents
Voces Layetanas
Mariano Gomà 16/07/2019 3538

The episodes of violence towards groups or people that, due to the circumstances, don't proceed as some people want to impose, are unfortunately becoming daily events in Catalonia. Mrs. Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona, ​​which I will not judge in this article, was the subject of insults, shouts, violent actions and other niceties that might have been uncontrollably violent if the action of the security forces had not mediated. Paradoxically, she declared herself desolate for having suffered this violence, with tears and everything, perhaps having forgotten years ago when she captained violent actions of a similar nature from the other side of the fence.

Leaders of the Popular Party were literally assaulted at the University by hooded violent commandos (something we are already accustomed to in Catalonia) for simply going verbally express their political ideology in a peaceful way during an electoral campaign.
A few days ago leaders and representatives of Ciudadanos, who sadly have get to know what is to suffer assaults, were subjected to a massive attack by violent people who threw urine and all kinds of humiliating objects and, if the security forces had not mediated again, violence would have escalated. And this last attack was when they were supporting the commemorative acts of gay pride.
ETHICS.- Set of customs and norms that direct or value human behavior in a community.
EDUCATION.- Minimum standards of social behavior that allow us to live together collectively.
I don't think it's necessary to insist that the episodes we are living in Spain have a total lack of ethics and education on the part of the violent, whose mission is to destroy any act of coexistence. I can't believe that the groups of gays, lesbians, transsexuals, homosexuals, binaries and others should be considered people without the most elementary sense of ethics and education, nor the independent groups or university students, because if that were the case our country would be unrecoverable and this would certainly end badly, as Spain had the opportunity to check in 1936, so I think we should do some reflection on the subject.
It's understandable the celebration of the pride of the collectives despised, obscured, insulted and cornered for decades or centuries, just as it's understandable that they can manifest their condition without complexes, but the bizarre, ridiculous and grotesque figures that we saw don't seem to correspond with the whole. Isn't it true, Mr. Marlaska, Mr. Iceta, Mr. Vila or Mr. Collboni, to mention some examples? And I suppose that only people without ethics or education were able to insult, urinate or throw objects with uncontrollable hatred to those who (allegedly) don't think like them.
The same could be said of the violent hooded university students, because if all the students were like that, what future generations of professionals we would have in Spain. And what to say about the violent nationalist radicals whose hatred induces them to shout insults at some people who once stood on their side and now, due to the hazards of politics, are more or less on the opposite side.
Well, to all those groups I would like to tell from here that they must dominate their violent radicals in their parties, respecting the social opening and the framework of coexistence, or society can turn it's back on them as a payment for their violence.
I would like to end by appealing to Ethics and Education as a basis of respect for society in general and peaceful coexistence, being the responsibility of all and above all of the leaders the control of extremist factions. Don't doubt that if we don't find the secret of being able to coexist, others will find it for us, with other methods and solutions.
And what's the name of that?

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