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Fascism has changed sides

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The force of the evidence is breaking the constitutionalist taboo to call the monster by its name.
Voces Layetanas
David Martín 09/11/2019 2440
Today there are many people in Spain worried about the rise of the far right and fascism. And it's a logical concern, only that they are looking in the wrong direction.
I don't mean that VOX, the emerging party that has swept the votes in the last elections, doesn't have some characteristics of the far right. That Trump protectionism (with wall included), that questioning of feminism, that nostalgia for a glorious past, its exacerbated patriotism and the blessing of the ultra-rightists of the Salvini's Lega Norte... those are features that point in the wrong direction, and certain tone outflows of their leaders, such as the reference to the "thirteen roses", are not needed. But its voters probably don't share all their postulates, but instead go to VOX in response to the excesses of nationalism and the far left. Unfortunately, for now, political formations have to be voted as a whole, not just the characteristics that interest us. So far VOX has behaved democratically. We'll see later.
However, it seems that until now there has been an enormous blindness towards a far right that has been oppressing Catalonia for almost eight years. A far right also blessed by the Lega Norte, who recognized his equal without hesitation. A far right that not only thinks in fascist terms, but takes years acting according to the postulates of fascism, but which (as predicted by American Senator Huey Long) it calls itself "antifascist" (and some of them "leftish"). I'm speaking, of course, of Catalan nationalism.
Why now several voices begin to call the monster by its name? What has suddenly changed so that many of us realize something we didn't see before? The answer is nothing. The proposals and methods of Catalan nationalism are the same as always. Their positions have simply been radicalized and, in doing so, the disguise of democracy has broken down, clearly showing the purposes and methods that it really hides.
Thus, nationalism, which in the past denied violence, indoctrination in schools, the propaganda use of TV3 and the persecution, signaling and harassment of the dissenting, now encourages all these unequivocally fascist practices, even if it still try to justify them under concepts like "freedom of expression". All these practices have been denounced last week in the European Parliament.
So it's true: Fascism, authoritarianism and repression threaten Catalonia. But let's look in the right direction, please.
And to be clear about the concepts, nothing better than watching this video in which (in six minutes) it makes clear what fascism is, so that word is not misrepresented again.
Because fascism is our enemy, and to defend ourselves from it, we must know it.

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