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Forever great

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Farewell to an idol who was it above his weaknesses
Voces Layetanas
Ignacio Balasch 26/11/2020 2305

With Maradona, Soccer loses one of its unquestionable from its Poker of idols.

Meanwhile, the drug underworld stops having to lower its head, as every time this poor lost man decided to make a new public appearance.
It was unfortunate and embarrassing to listen to that broken doll in his role as Football Procer, ​​on a permanent 'Global Tour of Nonsense'. Although this will also generate the highest quality didactic audiovisual material for those who want to use it, personifying in it all the damage caused by drug addiction.
Either he had 30 years to live, or I lack the understanding to understand how he did not spend them hidden, preserving the indisputable greatness of his sports legacy.
Rest in peace, Diego Armando, and hopefully you're back, hovering over your field in Villa Fiorito, hitting that rag ball with that, your magic.
Now yes, you'll be forever 'great' in the hearts of all true football lovers.

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