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From tsunami to thin rain

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Divided nationalism closes the least massive Diada of recent years
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 11/09/2019 1959

From "democratic tsunami" to "totalitarian fine rain". This could describe a day that began threatened by rain but ended up revealing under a bright sun the enormous clearings caused by the low inscriptions on which the ANC warned. Neither the urban guard and its alleged "Colau factor" were able to give figures that even matched those of previous concentrations, leaving everything in a generous 600,000 demonstrators, counting the 1200 buses chartered by the ANC that are supposed to have brought up to 60,000 followers from villages and provincial capitals.

The rain will surely be the excuse that the most unredeemed nationalism will use to excuse this announced defeat. What they'll not even try to explain is the progressive degeneration of what was a holiday for everyone to the actual minority coven in which both photos are burned and guillotines are displayed with the clear threat of cutting off the head of the enemy (or the dissident). Several riots, assaults on the parliament, insults to journalists and attempts to silence them. Of course, democracy has not made an appearance.
Perhaps moderate Catalanism has had enough of stories that the more dramatic the less they resemble reality, and of leaders who tell their followers that paradise is near while they assure the judge that everything was a pantomime. Perhaps the photos of the "legitimatepresident" posing himself smiling with Fredi Bentanachs, founder of the terrorist band Terra Lliure, have seemed excessive. Or maybe the images of Puigdemont himself giving a speech in the middle of a park perched on a handful of "Mercabrussels" pallets with their mobile close to his feet and surrounded by about thirty acolytes and a sexagenarian "colla sardanera" reminded them of that message from the "exiled": "It's a historical ridicule".
The truth is that the house of cards collapses and there aren't few those who realize when falling that there's no one to hold them up. There are so many who changed their minds, those who pre-retired and those who have already established themselves in other monarchies without making many fuss, that the parties that still carry the torch (or torches, as in the Germany of The 1930s) of nationalism face the fact that they no longer have assets. The "youngsters" of Esquerra (as Junqueras) are probably close to responding to their criminal acts while in the PDECAT the degeneration of Pujol to Mas, then to Puigdemont and Finally to Torra has lowered the bar so much that now the second of the list is postulated to lead the nationalist "youth" again. The disaster is illustrated by the fact that Rufián "the child of the printer" is now the greatest man of state, the most moderate and sensible left in nationalism. And a group within his own party ("The October 1 Movement") pursues him to behead him (perhaps with the guillotine displayed) for autonomist, for residing in Madrid and for speaking Spanish. For the same reasons they could be chasing Junqueras, since they both think alike, but since the latter is a martyr, he speaks Catalan and has his eight last names in order, so they better decapitate the "charnego".
Anyway, we have perhaps attended the "storm before the calm", the final trigger before finally, on one side and the other, they get to work.

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