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High politics in Barcelona

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Jaume Collbony joins the political generosity of Manuel Valls so that Colau can be mayor without the nationalists
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 03/06/2019 1623
The outcome of the game played in the Catalan capital is still uncertain, but the pieces are on the board and the play takes place in terms that had not been seen in Spain in a long, long time.
On the one hand, the false defeated, Ada Colau, last bulwark of populist communism harshly beaten throughout Spain, who was already defeated by his indisputable mismanagement. On the other, the nationalist party Esquerra Republicana, grown and triumphant, that snatched the podium from Colau for the minimum and that believes their time has come to pick up the remains of the shipwrecks of the CUP and the party of the changing name.
The others can't compete. They have to be mere spectators.
But they aren't rivaling. Under the podium, Manuel Valls challenges Albert Rivera and starts using his calculator (the one Meritxell Budó seems to have lost) and throws an unexpected move: All his support is for his rival, Ada Colau, if she chooses to make a pact with the Socialists. With nothing for him.
Something never seen before. A statesman's move. Valls knows that his power is little, but despite everything, is a great power, and in his campaign he promised "NO to independence", so he decides without any blush to fulfill what he promised, choose the known devil, choose the lesser evil. And he knows that his voters won't reproach him.
Colau doubts. She can work with the Socialists. She has done it before. But that's not what she wants. She don't want to close the doors to Esquerra Republicana. after all, Colau voted yes twice in that parody of a referendum known as the 9-N, wishing with great hope that Catalonia would say goodbye to Spain, although she can not tell that to his supporters that way. They would not vote for it, they would throw her out.
So she plays to shield herself in a "great left pact", not to say goodbye to her Ernest Maragall, who seduces her while holding with one hand on her shoulder the jacket thrown over her back that he hasn't released throughout the campaign. As if Esquerra had something more "left" than the one contained in his name. As if its electoral posters had been full of social proposals instead of ribons and pictures of "political prisoners". Therefore Colau mentions the connivance of the PSOE with article 155 (yes, the one that avoided the coup d'état) and gives a timid step back.
And then Jaume Collbony moves too. He also takes a step forward, and emulating Valls (as saying "me too") declares that the mayor's office is not an obstacle either. Colau won't worry about contesting with anyone for the iron throne, and she will be, if desired, the "superpower" mayoress of Barcelona.
What a situation for Colau! Trapped between her (not so) hidden desire for independence and her (manifest) egomania. To be able to win with an undisputed majority even having lost. Four more years of bargain and sucess despite the nefarious legacy only in exchange for not compromising herself more than she has done so far.
Because Barcelona has spoken. 60% of the people have voted left, effectively. And 60% have voted NO to nationalism. That damn double axis of Catalan politics..
Those of Esquerra will bark angry, no doubt. They will say that Colau has betrayed the "mandatdemocrátic" of the Barcelonese by isolating the most voted force.  But, precisely, Esquerra did the same in the parliament with Ciudadanos, right? In addition, everything can be justified with the right words, and Colau has done it before.
What will be now? What will the mayor decide? Ah, that seductive word ... "mayoress" ..

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