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How many times is Puigdemont able to cheat his followers?

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Illusions with false photos, exhaust them with impossible crowfundings.. Puigdemont not only does it, but repeats it.
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 15/07/2019 2060
The stamina of the followers of Puigdemont is bombproof. That's obvious.
From the creators of "We'll meet this Monday at the office" comes now "We'll meet this Tuesday in Strasbourg". And really everything would be in that, in a juicy joke, if not for the fact that the ex-president escaped has used up to twice photographs taken out of context to make his faithful believe that he was where he wasn't. And if it's not because he has made them empty their pockets twice under any pretext. For the time being. But let's look at the four most striking cases, which are really two deceptions, but repeated.
First deception of the fake photo: October 30, 2017:
The first photograph with which Puigdemont ripped off his faithful was from the facilities of the Generalitat Palace seen from an interior courtyard and accompanied by a brief "Good morning" text. Puigdemont had declared independence four days before, saying goodbye to his colleagues of secession with a "Monday, everybody back to work". Over the weekend a million Catalans had flooded Barcelona with spanish flags. And when Monday finally arrived, while Puigdemont was sending that photo, he was no longer in Spain, as he had fled on his way to Brussels long before the courts took legal action against him. Legend tells that he fled in the trunk of a car, although he could have been sitting (or "reclining") in the back seat of a vehicle with tinted windows while his driver avoided the conflicting roads. In both cases, the first ones deceived were Puigdemont's own comrades, such as Artur Mas (say those who know him that he released one of those expletives that affect the family) and Oriol Junqueras who (more consistent with his condition as alleged coup) faced the consequences of his actions, which included preventive detention thanks to the fact that their escaped comrades demonstrated to the world that the risk of escape was real. Others cheated on the hook, like Josep Rull who added a photo from his office with the text "In my office, exercising the responsibilities entrusted to me by the people of Catalonia". His photo was authentic. Minutes later Forcadell also appeared in the Parlament. Later, many would recognize the desolation they felt when they learned that Puigdemon and a few chosen ones had left without telling them anything. They had made a fool of themselves.
The rest of the deceived, as it's easy to guess, were the hundreds of deluded followers who had stayed in Sant Jaume square on the night of the declaration of independence, shouting "Long live!" to the one who earlier they threatened to hang upside down (via Twitter) at the prospect of "amending" the coup of October 1 with democratic elections. Many will not admit it, but when they heard about the escape, they probably have shown the same face as the day when Puigdemont declared independence and suspended it after 8 seconds. The "evil Spanish state" had not yet moved, but the beloved leader was already two countries away. So much for a hero.
Second deception of the false photo: July 2, 2019:
The saying goes "If you cheat me once, it's YOUR fault. If you cheat me twice, it's MY fault". And in Strasbourg more than two thousand guilty could attest to this. Carles Puigdemont had summoned all nationalism in Strasbourg for the sixty-fourth "historical day". The expresident, still fled and now accompanied by the ex-convict for terrorism and ETA collaborator (in the kidnapping of Revilla), the superlawyer Gonzalo Boye, was now engaged in plotting masterful play after masterful play, all so great that they triumphed even in failing, because after every ridicule tey had lawyer Boye was there explaining to the incredulous followers (especially those from TV3) that the result was exactly what they were looking for and that everything was part of a sublime master plan that would be unveiled one day or another.
Therefore, when on July 2, 2019 more than two thousand nationalists were concentrated in a Strasbourg crossing (more than ten thousand according to the ANC, and surely half a million according to the Urban Guard of Colau, although there didn't have anything to do  there), Twitter began to burn with the photograph tweeted by Gonzalo Boye of a Strasbourg street, accompanied by the commentary: "Excellent climate in Strasbourg, Sun and many people". The assembled ones almost entered in ecstasy, waiting for that great masterful game that finally was going to take place. Later another Tweet came to them, this time from Boye from his car, already on the streets of Strasbourg, implying, without saying it, that the "legitimatepresident" was traveling with him.  The followers, who were certainly fantasizing with Jason Bourne-style chases, received the predictable jug of cold water when Boye told them, with that Carrara marble face that only Artur Mas has managed to show, that Puigdemont "was not going to attend" because "maybe he would be put under custody".
The difference between the first deception and this second were more than five hundred euros to pay per each one of the "oppressed" who has travelled to Strasbourg by plane (Seriously, it's necessary to make savings your whole life to be a trully "oppressed" nationalist). The assistants displaced by bus spent a little less, but at least they have known a capital other than Barcelona and they have the consolation of assuming that possibly half of their ticket has been paid with the taxes of all the Catalans, including the "traitors" .
First deception of the impossible crowfunding: November 18, 2018
Returning to the ill-fated times when Puigdemont paid tribute to his paternal grandfather emulating in a trunk the Pyrenees escape from the former, the main concern of the escape was money. The "convinced" businessman Javi Matamala accompanied the fugitive paying all his expenses, but that could not last forever. The lack of money could quickly end with their expectations and the luxurious Waterloo palace was a bottomless pit whose rent went for about 4000€ per month (never a real exile had so much liquidity) and whose expense seemed very difficult to justify, no matter how much it was pompously called "the house of the republic". Consequently, on February 19, 2018, Puigdemont created the CATGlobal organization to channel money from citizen donations. But these donations, inevitably, were dwindling. Therefore in November of the same year Puigdemont invented the "Consell para la república" (Council for the Republic, A recycling of the old proposal of the "Consell de la República"). An opaque society of unelected positions that would act as a parallel government, but that would not be implemented until it had (attention) a million members. And each partner would have to pay 10€. Well, ten million euros that would fill the coffers of the tenant of Waterloo. The problem is that people did not sting. Or it would be more accurate to say that 60,000 people were stung, which is a resounding failure, but which does not stop being 600,000 €, which pay several expenses of the mansion.
Second deception of the impossible crowfunding: May 10, 2019
The European elections were approaching, and Puigdemont didn't hesitate to stand for election even if that meant giving up being the "legitimatepresident" and even if he had questioned the European institution itself live on TV. After all, achieving a seat was viable and the coveted immunity could protect him from having to answer for his actions. In addition, the salary of MEP would solve part of his financial problems, because Matamala had money but each time it was harder for him to pay the expenses. The "Consell para la república" was useless and to keep encouraging people to contribute had its limits. So this past May the expresident launched another crowfunding. The objective this time was more modest: he only asked 250,000 euros in order to make, print and send the electoral ballots of his candidacy. It was little compared to the ten million he asked before. None of his followers questioned that within two weeks of the election the ballots were already designed (with the picture of the leader replacing any logo), probably printed and many of them already sent, and that such a feat could be carried out for a much smaller amount. None of that mattered. It was requested. And people stung.
And what will be the next deception?
Those who have enjoyed all this the most have been Internet users, especially the constitutionalists (And some independentists too, why not say it? This is only taken seriously by Pilar Rahola). The memes about the next "master moves" of Boye and Puigdemont have been hundreds. Photos like the one in Strasbourg used by Boye (one of the first ones you'll find if you search for "Strasbourg" in Google) have given way to photos of the international space station with comments like "What a good night here, in orbit".
Seriously, why continue? You can imagine the rest. The subject is suitable for a neverending story.

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