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The Crónica Global attack on Dolça Cataluña, a shameful example of 'friendly fire' in the resistance
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 10/09/2019 1646

In an unexpected movement, the digital constitutionalist Crónica Global has attacked the veteran constitutional blog Dolça Catalunya. It hasn't been in one article or in two, but in an entire series in which they allegedly "disclose" the people behind the fruitful Blog that has been and is still a reference for resistance to nationalism. But far from staying in the identity reveal of a group of people (who had said by any means that they wanted to safeguard their identities for fear of nationalist reprisals) the articles of Global Chronicle have included offenses, insults and enormous defamations.

Because one thing is to say that the blog has lost the freshness of its beginnings, which could be, or to say that it gives off a certain cassock "aroma", which is also true and has never been hidden. It's more serious to say that it counteracts Catalan nationalism with an even more exacerbated Spanish nationalism, or happily linking them to Freemasonry, "more extreme clerical movements than Opus Dei", or elements of the far right, and it's already totally intolerable to equate them with Arràn's stalkers, much less with the Ku Klux Klan, which they have done without even blink.
And we haven't yet taken into account that by unveiling these identities (and some of them have already been denied by the aforementioned) the digital has put them in the spotlight of the independentistas, who don't hesitate to attack the critical media, such as Cronica Global itself has experimented. In addition, the digital has given independentism weapons and (false) arguments with which to attack constitutionalism as a whole.
Dolça Cataluña has always considered Catalan symbols its own as well as Spanish ones. The Catalan senyera (and not the estelada) coexists with the rojigualda, and the unique hodgepodge of Catalan and Spanish that they use in their articles makes it clear that for them to love one culture does not imply despising another. The only response of the Blog to its attacker has been to repost a video with many relevant supports from constitutionalism, and to be ironic about the qualifier received "The Catalan Ku Klux Klan" but without entering the rag and not even mentioning the name of the digital that has defamed them. Something that, to me, places them a step above their slanderers.
Finally I will tell you that I write this from a humble constitutional gazette without any relation to either of the two media. If I wanted to be rummaged, I would say that Dolça Catalunya is the competition, but here I am, vindicating it, because Cainite struggles weaken us all. In fact, the medium to which this gazette is linked, the radio station Onda Layetana, was previously called Tabarnia Radio, but had to change its name because certain person managed to register the brand before it could be done by its own creator (who authorized this station) and used that power to try to impose its strength, so this medium decided to adopt a new name. And before that, another radio station, which describes itself as "THE constitutionalist radio of Catalonia", used social networks to attack its competition with the weak and unoriginal argument that it was "financed by forces of the far right".
What I mean is that, although it's legitimate to criticize or investigate other media, these "fraternal stabs" to the neighbor dwarf us all. If subsidized nationalist pamphlets like or vilaweb want to kill each other, then go ahead, but we who respect the law and democracy cannot afford these power struggles that please our politicians (and others). I don't care if it's Dolça Cataluña or Somatemps, nor if it's Crónica Global or Libertad Digital, and I don't care if it's La Silenciosa or Gaceta Layetana. All have different approaches and different voices, from the largest to the smallest, and all of them are necessary, with their failures, in a world of subsidized press. Those who descend to the mud, like the digital newspaper that has motivated this article, lose in a stroke all the prestige that had cost them so much to gather, and in doing so they are damaged as much or more than their theoretical rival.

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