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"Infiltrated Spanishists" or "Family and friends"?

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This and other contradictions of Catalan nationalism during the "hot autumn" week
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 20/10/2019 2052
If Torra's "hot autumn" has revealed something, it is the large number of contradictions in Catalan nationalism. Not only does the arguments have a lot of holes, but the strategy shines for its absence and the secessionist parties fight each other while their former faithful now reject them. Let's review the main contradictions.
Are they "infiltrated Spanishists" or "family and friends"? Because both things are impossible. During the altercations that turned Barcelona into a pitched battlefield "with violence never seen before" (according to statements by agents deployed on the ground) hundreds of violent vandals were arrested using urban guerrilla tactics. The story that both President Torra and the Mossos chief, Miquel Buch, repeat, insists that such vandals are completely oblivious to the independence cause, since the nationalists are, according to their leaders, "implicitly pacifists". However, independence has not taken long to surround the police stations of the mossos to request the "immediate release" of the arrested, since they are their relatives and friends, innocent demonstrators who "passed by" and obviously "political prisoners". Because it turns out that the majority of detainees have turned out to be young independentistas from the Arran environment, followed by independentist students and a very small proportion of unaccompanied minor immigrants and finally some foreign anarchists residing in the city. This category, that of "political prisoners" seems to be valid both for a leader arrested for violating the rule of law (Junqueras) and for those who besieged the courts of Vía Layetana (the "Jordis"), for whom they beat two couples in Alsasua for being civil guards, for those who made bombs to attack in Catalonia or for those who throw pavers to the police and set fire to the Catalan capital. The truth is that if I were Junqueras I wouldn't like to belong to such a select group.
If the protest is about the sentence, why only "dialogue" is required for "self-determination"? The most obvious answer would be that the so-called "political prisoners" are only an excuse. Nationalism doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that, now that they have transferred juristiction in prisons, their "Jordis" may be at home with their families within two months. They have taken great care not to emphasize that reality. Thousands of young people have been sent to take to the streets, a hundred have been arrested and a handful of them have lost the sight of one eye due to the impact of rubber or foam balls for demanding the release of some prisoners who will still be in their homes in two months (the Jordis) or two years (Junqueras). And the president who encouraged them to "push" now says that the violent "are not his own" and instead of asking for their release (or opening the prisons himself) he asks for the only thing he really wants: to be recognized for Catalonia a "right of self-determination" that the UN has already said by all means that it's not applicable.
If all nationalists are peaceful, why did Torra's wife participate in the siege of El Prat? I'm sure that Torra considers the closure of El Prat airport to be peaceful, with the cancellation of hundreds of flights, the loss of hundreds of thousands of euros, the impact on business, damage to infrastructure and the thousands of passengers who had that fleeing by road dragging their bags, although possibly one of these passengers, the French citizen who died of a heart attack due to anxiety and overexertion, probably wouldn't have considered that as "peaceful." For nationalism? A "collateral damage", like was the policeman seriously injured by a cobblestone.
If the October 1, 2017 referendum was "representative and democratic", why does Torra want to do another one? Junqueras from prison must have opened his eyes wide (and I don't intend to make a joke) knowing that President Torra, the delegate of Puigdemont, now says that we must "re-exercise the right of self-determination in this legislature". Poor Junqueras, that already when the 2017 referendum was raised he described it as a "past page" because in the illegal 9-N consultation the Catalans had already "decided". And now Torra goes and tells him that he'll be jailed nine years (which will actually be four counting since 2017, so he only has two left) and that everything has been for nothing. That the best way to reach a different end is to do exactly the same once again.
In short, the argument of nationalism is seriously touched, and probably the scriptwriters of TV3, the Catalan nationalist television, are going to have it quite complicated to bash a story capable of convincing the most reasonable and critical nationalists.

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