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May the people disobey - Torra and his friends don't put themselves at risk

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Separatist leaders encourage disobedience while protecting themselves from legal consequences
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 07/10/2019 2495
The wife of Torra already said the same week that the CUP voted her husband as president of the Catalan Generalitat: "We don't plan to go to jail". Because the harsh reality of seeing fellow judges tried and about to respond to their alleged criminal acts has made Quim Torra's strategy a boast of challenging gestures in which no plate is broken.
Because if we refer to the facts, the greatest disobedience of the delegate of Puigdemont has been to play to remove and return the banner in which he refers to the alleged coup plotters as "political prisoners". A game that always ends with Torra obeying with the right hand and with the left making some friend hang another different but similar banner.
The spokesman of the government (and involuntary humorist) Meritxell Budó already expressed it, when she said last week that they were in favor of "civil disobedience" but that they, as a government, could not practice it.
This, more than a timely positioning, seems like a joint strategy that has already attracted attention in cases such as the proclamation of Amer, the small town (about 2000 inhabitants) that saw Puigdemont be born and disinfects the ground with vinegar when Ines steps on it Arrimadas. The manifesto read in the main square came to say that the town was no longer considered part of Spain nor was it under its sovereignty. An epic, brave, risky statement, at least until they added the newsletter that, in any case, they would not commit any administrative offense. Come on, nothing at all.
And what is the purpose of this game? Surely the one we all think. They want that, like October 1, 2017, it is "the people" who go out to fight their struggle. They want others to put themselves under the batons of the police, but above all others who end their bones in jail, because the photo of Junqueras in a pacifist plan sells a lot, but freedom is worth more, and the martyrs They come very well but there are enough.
And it is with these letters that the Torra government prepares its "response" to the "procés" sentence (as if a court ruling needed a response other than compliance). Because the current plan of Torra (once discarded the mock kidnapping of the Parlament after being arrested the CDRs that were supposed to carry it out) is the "march to Barcelona", a march reminiscent of what Mussolini carried out on Rome as a shot of his fascist regime, but that nationalism prefers to relate to less violent examples, mentioning (of course) Ghandi, Mandela and other pacifist leaders whose memory distorted with each comparison.
We can only see what monitoring and effectiveness that march will have, which will surely end with a good siege to the city as it has not been seen since 1714. Torra expects white (or yellow) walkers to collapse the roads for three days cutting communications with the city, although it is more than possible that the real purpose is the same as two years ago, that is: to obtain colorful photos of the police by giving left and right sticks to dislodge the roads, and thus be able to cry before Europe for the " repression "(" they stop us by walking "they could say) while the martyrs of the town take the sticks and the sentences, something with which Torra and his do not think to load.
So do not expect Torra to lower the flag of Spain in the Palau de la Generalitat, or to open the doors of the Lledoners prisons and free the prisoners, or to go out on the balcony to proclaim the Catalan Republic, because there are already enough Politicians in prison and nationalism need no more martyrs, thanks.

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