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Nationalist censorship

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This is how nationalism attacks my freedom of expression
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Jandro Lión 13/07/2019 2258
I am Jandro Lion, a Spanish policeman and a youtuber supporting the law and the spanish constitution.
For some time I've been noticing in my own social networks that every time I talk about EhBildu, CUP, ERC, or criticize against the Independentism or the Mossos de Esquadra, who instead of defending the unity of Spain only show approach to platforms such as ANC and that show a grotesque performance in favor of an undercover coup d'état, a position exemplified by cases such as Albert Donaire, the nationalist mosso, or these recent arrests for removing political symbols where they have exhausted the 72 hours of deprivation of liberty, and the detainees have been registered as an "Organized criminal group", I see how that type of videos on my channel are demonetized, had been an increase of comments from users insulting me, or they even finally get to eliminate my videos because Youtube uses algorithms and can't check all the videos one by one, and the independence movement takes advantage of this situation.
I want to explain with this that I'm detecting massive campaigns by groups related to separatism, and even Youtube Platform workers who detect and denounce massively videos that critsice nationalism on several social networks, especially Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. So much so that this week I have been censored on Twitter for 7 days, where I have seen that the action comes from the digital newspaper and the nationalist mosso Albert Donaire.
The same thing has happened to my friend the Constitutionalist Mosso Inma Alcolea, whose Facebook account has also been censored.
When will this end?
It's obvious... When the spanish Congreso de los Diputados does something about it.
Can we citicens resist this?
That's the great doubt that I have, because at this rate I don't think so.

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