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Nationalist Cops wage a shameful battle for the "right to harass"

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The leader of the secessionist "mossos d'Esquadra" is shielded in a Facebook rule to be able to point to the children of the discrepant mosso Inma Alcolea
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 04/02/2020 2308
There are battles that would be embarrassing to win, and nationalism is fighting one. The association "Drets" (Rights) is defined on twitter as "Association of professionals in the world of law that is born to defend Catalan society from systematic attacks in the form of hate and insults". After such a victimist denomination ("they hate us, they insult us...") this nationalist organization (another one..) has spread with joy on social networks the dismissal of the complaint of the agent of the Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan regional police force) Inma Alcolea against another agent who posted photos of his children on the internet to point them out as children of a dissent.
The dismissal has been because, according to Facebook, sharing photographs of children by Facebook is not a crime if those photographs have been shared before by their parents on the same social network, an action that implies the dissemination consent.
Despite the dismissal of the complaint, the moral fact remains the same. Certain secessionist Mossos d'Esquadra, headed by the enfant terrible Albert Donaire (a young man who has got on top due to the impunity that any hooligan is supposed to be allowed if it's in the name of "the nation") feels that everything is worth and that they can point out and harrash the children of an agent who protests against the politicization of a police force that should serve everyone.
However, Inma Alcolea doesn't plan to let her be silenced. His appeal for reform and appeal is already underway and emphasizes both the invasion of the right to privacy of his children and the use of those images (extracted from a personal account, and not from a public and open profile).
Because nothing remains of that supposed moral superiority, of that "We are more demoratic", of that false honesty and dignity. The nationalists actions against the family of Inma Alcolea is no more legitimate than the harassment of Frank Cuesta's wife and the children for protecting wild species in Thailand. But all this seems fine to nationalism, and this is shown by the congratulations and support of nationalist followers throughout the social networks (Congratulations, Albert!). At no time are the methods criticized or the outcome disagreed, as discrepancy or self-criticism would place any nationalist on the side of the "botiflers" (traitors).
There are the triumphant comments of Donaire himself (Another one! She only chains bad news), but the truth is that the vast majority of the complaints lodged by Inma Alcolea against the harassment maneuvers of the nationalist Mosso and against the Mossos force itself they have ended up in sentences favorable to her.
The problem is that Mosso Inma Alcolea has a serious enemy in the form of the Internal Affairs Division (DAI), an allegedly politicized institution for fear of wich most mossos who disagree with nationalism choose to remain silent. This organization, according to testimonies of some agents interviewed by this media, does its best to free agents such as Donaire from the complaints, causing the numerous open files to expire and remain without effect, from those related to their participation in the illegal voting of the 1/10/2017 to those related to the application of the article 155 agains the coup d'etat or the political activism in which he is involved as an agent of the law in a way that is clearly incompatible. The sources consulted have told us that on some occasion the DAI has come to communicate to Donaire that, in order to keep the forms, they should apply some sanction "so that favoritism is not so obvious" but that they would try to always be slightly.
On the other hand, the mossos that do not follow the nationalist slogans, such as Inma Alcolea or that mosso that was recorded pronouncing the phrase "The Republic does not exist" are reprimanded with a bombardment of files, unjustified transfers ... There are also sentences condemning the Mossos D'Esquadra institution for such practices.
As much as it tries, nationalism fails to demonstrate the moral superiority it wants to show. The yellow tie that many show doesn't mean what they want anymore, because the symbol has been perverted, as the swastika was before it. Those who raises the victimhood are now executioners. In war, they say, everything goes. And nationalism is waging a unilateral war without moral limits against a rival who doesn't consider them enemies. A war, therefore, as abusive and shameful as be gratified to go unpunished of harassing the children of those who don't think as them.
We'll be following closely the evolution of this cause and the future sentence, which will surely be in favor of democracy and, above all, of the rights of these children.

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