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Nothing happens in the next street

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While the activists try to collapse Barcelona, the locals continue their routine despite the sabotages
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 14/10/2019 1588

This article is of special interest to people who are not in Barcelona today.

I know that neither this headline nor the accompanying photo will encourage many people to read the news avidly, as it would if I started talking about "apocalypse", "tumults" and "police charges", which probably I would end up telling something similar to things that other media are telling you, surely much better and in more detail. But in the current situation, I think it's a responsibility to do this approach as well.
I will not deny that nationalism is being burning its last cartridge. Young people evicted from their classrooms with firecrackers and smoke bombs, teachers harassed by teenagers imbued with authority by the harangues of the nationalist regime .. punches to a lady who (with very little intelligence, must be said) was shown in front of the independence fighters with a Spanish flag (Didn't that woman realize that instincts cannot be contained and that when a bull is cited, the bull attacks?). There are also true the "sitting" in the Renfe, the allegedly ingenious maneuvers to block the Prat airport (with massive purchase of airline tickets that you and I have somehow paid for), the charges with which they are answered and street hoolligans that blocked cabs and cars to "paralyze the Catalan economy" have filled pages and screens. I'll not denying any of that.
But as I usually say, every time you see on TV a street with disturbances, it's because there's nothing interesting in the next one.
And this statement is much more true today than two years ago. I remember how we lived at home and in the office the days of the enactment of totalitarian laws (September 6 and 7, 2017), the vertigo and embarrassment of the October 1 and its clumsy response from the spanish government and, finally, disbelief when the now "Very Fled President" Puigdemont was torn between the call to serenity of his colleague Iñigo Urkullu and the hooliganism of Junqueras, Rufián and his "155 silver coins" ... and he ended up giving in to the latter. In those days there was something that is not being seen this week. People on the streets wearing flags, yellow ties, proudly wearing lapels and a pre-revolutionary atmosphere full of illusive smiles, confident that the politicians haranguing them were sincere and that a tangible future was just around the corner.
Although many of you can believe that this is precisely what is shown in today's news, you should not call yourself to deceit. In the streets of Barcelona people let the day pass with weariness. Businesses open, people (nationalist or not) go to work without symbols and enduring restraint and vandalism. Every day routine weighs more than any symbolic revolution and basically everyone goes on with their lives wishing that the week finally ends and the storm ends with it, while the "procés" hooligans and the media chase each other in very specific areas of the geography of Barcelona without noticing anything else in the rest, while in many bars in rural Catalonia hundreds of countrymen gather in bars where only nationalist TV3 is tuned and elbows thinking "we're unstoppable".
This and no other is the true reality of the capital on its first day of siege. It's foreseeable (and hopefully I'm not mistaken) that throughout the week this pressure will be gradually reduced until reaching an almost calm Thursday, to fire again on Friday, when the "country strike" will take place sponsored by the pseudo-union of the exterrorist Carles Sastre, who along with the final push of the CDR will try to release the final blows and leave us undoubtedly with some unfortunate images that surely will contradict the peaceful mood that some still attribute to them. And, in this case, I hope to be wrong.
At this precise moment there are two Barcelonas. One is represented by a handful of violent people to whom the government of the Generalitat has given a free pass to cry havoc and who manage to collapse communications with the help of the nationalist government. The rest are the citizens, who try to go on with their lives.

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