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"Only the people can stop me" and other famous fascist phrases

Berlin, Adolf Hitler und Hermann Göring - Unknown - Wikimedia Commons
We review some of the expressions that have gone down in history because of their undemocratic character
Voces Layetanas
David Martín 24/01/2020 2867
Not once, but many times has stated the Catalan nationalist leader Quim Torra that "Only 'the people' can cease him because it is 'the people' who have chosen him", and with it he has endorsed the words of the Nazi leader Hermann Goering. A few words not free of irony, since they draw a closed circle around these three axioms:
1. The leader leads the fight for the nation.
2. You are only 'the people' if you love the nation.
3. The nation is only loved if the fight is supported.
It's clear that the case of Torra differs a little from that of Goering, since in Germany nationalism won by absolute majority of votes, something that independence has never achieved, and Goering was voted for the position he held, while Torra was practically a stranger put by Puigdemont (who had been second after Arrimadas) and the only votes in his favor were those of the CUP, as in the case of Puigdemont.
In any case Torra was made president by a Spanish law, which allows a party to change an elected leader by someone else. And the same law that has invested him and that he has broken can lead to his removal.
But this isn't the only unequivocally fascist phrase that has found an echo in our days.
"I'll only accept the outcome of these elections if I win". This phrase was said by Donald Trump in the final stretch of the electoral campaign that led him to the White House. With this undemocratic background no one can be surprised for all the scandals that have happened or the current "impeachment." Accepting the law only if it suits you is one of the main features of fascism.
"What is decided in this parliament cannot be invalidated by any higher law". This phrase belongs to the famous "enabling law" that granted Hitler plenipotentiary powers, but also to the famous "disconnection laws" enacted in the Parliament of Catalonia during the attempted coup d'etat of September 6 and 7, 2017. Of such laws it was clear that what was decided in the chamber was not subject to the Statute of Catalonia or the Spanish constitution, nor to European laws or the Human Rights Charter or other laws, human or divine.
"Beasts with human form that drink hate", the famous qualifier used by the now president of the Generalitat Quim Torra to refer to Spaniards who were not Catalan was written in his famous article "The language and the beasts". This qualifier and another dozen permutations were used profusely by Nazism to dehumanize the "other" and make empathy impossible. Few phrases so clearly represent fascism.
Obviously, current fascism no longer shows off its name. The new fascists flee the word "fascism" as from a plague because of their undeniable negative connotations, but the ideas, actions, feelings ... that has not changed.
It doesn't hurt to review the main features of fascism in this video.

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