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Pablo Casado makes "a Rivera"

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The leader of the popular draws a red line to his left and rejects a confluence with Ciudadanos in Catalonia
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 24/11/2020 2326

Another missed opportunity. Another deified leader who begins to draw red lines and disdain alliances, believing that he has more people on his side than he really does. And goodbye to a unique opportunity: The conjunction of constitutional forces when nationalism has dismembered.

A few months ago there sounded airs of a "Together for concord" (to say something) that could have included PSC, Ciudadanos and PP, a winning formula, but of which everyone was suspicious, specially the PSC, was now hopelessly self-excluded due to his obvious preferences for ex-coup plotters and ex-terrorists. The less forceful but also very effective formula of "Cataluña Suma" that would have integrated the voters of Ciudadanos and the Popular Party together with a good handful of undecided and disenchanted from the PSC and other formations remained then. A formula that has already proved its worth in Navarra and that only the socialist pacts with Bildu managed to dismount.
But this formula has been bombarded in its waterline by the myopia of a Pablo Casado who increasingly emulates the failures of the former leader of Ciudadanos, believing himself the winner and deciding that any alternative has to be carried out around his party.
What Casado seems to be unaware of is that the capital in votes of the Popular Party, which is not negligible in the whole of Spain, is very diminished in Catalonia. A Popular Party, for more INRI, in which Pablo Casado has everything to prove, and which rejects a Ciudadanos who are not living their best times either, without a recognizable Catalan leader and in which only that frustrated alliance would have mobilized a voter tired and given a viable option to those disenchanted with the socialism of the Bildu-Podemos era. A narrow-mindedness that, once again, will cost us Catalans, because without knowing it, Casado is helping Sánchez to breathe air into a dying secessionism at the moment when it needs it most, giving Esquerra Republicana a first position that the independence party will try to sell as ideological hegemony even if it's only an arithmetic favored by the D'Hondt law, with PP and Ciudadanos contesting the last positions so that the most voted force ends up being abstention.
Disappointing, once again, the politicians of our era. One more example of the short-term attitude that leads us to a precipice in which politics becomes one more problem for the citizens instead of being the solution and that, in low hours, can make more than one think of a voluntary exile.
Perhaps it's time to look at those other parties that have not yet seen the light. Parties that flee from the extremes and claim more centered positions, especially in that huge empty space that is the fishing ground for votes of the non-nationalist left. Acronyms that appear and disappear without achieving the necessary attention, such as Izquierda en Positivo, Tabarnia Libre, dCIDE (formerly CINC), Unidos Si or other groups that are always discarded due to the desire for a "useful vote." But what happens when no vote is useful? If any of the main forces represent us, we must support it, but rather than voting with a stuffy nose or resigning ourselves to abstention, perhaps we should put our heads and hearts together to support those who work for what we believe in.

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