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Schools must be safe

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The spying of the Plataforma per la Llengua calls into question the safety of schools
Voces Layetanas
Pilar Barriendos 01/08/2019 1948
All the people who have worked in educational centers, with minors, know that it's not easy for non-center personnel to enter quietly and without identifying themselves in the facilities.
This circumstance, far from being perceived negatively, is valued as a safe measure by both labor personnel and families.
Unfortunately all the alarms bells are ringing at the news that in more than 50 educational centers in Catalonia, people outside the educational center, in this particular case members of "Platform per la Llengua", have had not only access to the facilities, but also contact with teachers and students without those contacted knowing their identity or the object of their presence in the school. They argue that only the Minister of Education, Mr Bargalló, knew this initiative and objective.
I dont believe it. It's impossible. Moreover, it would be very serious if it were true because it would indicate that either the addresses of the centers involved have not activated the protocols approved by the Department of Education in reference to the Organization and Management of schools, or that Mr. Bargalló has sent an email to the directors of the centers lying about the ownership of the organization that was going to enter the schools and interact with students and teachers, and about the purposes of that stay. Let us not forget that the management or ownership of the educational centers or services are responsible for disseminating the rules of organization and operation of the center and for verifying and ensuring compliance.
Recall the documents for the organization and management of educational centers published on the website of the education department dated June 21, 2019. (Every year they are published with minor modifications)
Insurance and property claims and legal assistance to staff.
"1.4 Insurance contracted by other entities on the occasion of participation of persons without employment relationship in teaching or complementary activities. When an activity organized by the center is developed, in which, exceptionally, they accompany persons without a labor relationship that are not included in one of the groups entitled to coverage of the insurance contracted by the Generalitat of Catalonia, they must be members of an entity, such as the AMPA or a voluntary association, and that the entity has contracted an accident insurance policy and civil and property liability give coverage to these people."
That is, the address of the centers to allow the presence of these people should know the name of the entity to which they belonged and that these people had an insurance policy. Also, don't forget that anyone who relates to minors must have presented their negative certificate of sexual crimes.
All this unreasonable, without forgetting the shameful purpose of spying on the language of use of our minors and teachers in the yards, raises a series of questions that under the document Transparency and access to public information, unions, AMPAS and civil rights groups in Catalonia among others, not forgetting the first body that should be investigating this situation that undermines their rights to protection that affects minors, the High Inspection in Catalonia and the Ministers of Education and Justice.
Does 100% of managers and teachers in schools in Catalonia speak English? No one noticed that lie? Were the guidelines on personal data protection respected? What educational and guiding function was legitimized for this study? What has been the economic cost of the study? How was the sample of centers, teachers and students selected? Were conversations recorded? ...
Today has been spying on the language of use of our children in the yards. What will be the next motive for espionage? Can our children be safe in schools without our knowing who has contact with them?
Let's demand the response of the Educational Administration
Pilar Barriendos Clavero
Teacher of educational orientation (retired)

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