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Still raining

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Nationalism filters through the walls of democracy while our politicians shun the solution
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 24/07/2019 1769

When a leak appears at home without warning, our first reaction is to collect the drops in a basin or bucket, a task that will keep us in suspense while the water does not stop. We know that we will have to paint the roof at the end, but a coat of paint won't solve the problem if we don't take the necessary measures repairing the cause of the leak.

The order of the factors, then is:
  • Solve the problem.
  • Paint.
  • Remove the bucket.
We won't have positive results if we alter that order.
The Spanish Government seems to not know this simple concept. Whatever the sentence about the trial for October 1, (which I hope to be exemplary and turn the accused mocking laugh in a twisted grimace, they have shown no regrets, stating that they have done nothing, but that they will do it again) still don't face the root of the problem.
The Pujol family continue unpunished. The Catalan penitentiaries work for Oriol as a five-star resort, while not recovering a single cent of what was stolen by this infamous family. The same fate awaits the coup leaders, if they are convicted, with the spanish government designing a custom-made acquittal without raising too many suspicions.
That's painting without repairing the leak.
The application of the 155 article was a disaster. The measures are to be applied firmly or do not apply at all. Failure to intervene in the teaching and the media of the regime took away all glimmer of effectiveness. A measure that they sold us as salvation and hope for the non-nationalists ended up being the inspiration of the "chirigotas" of Cádiz.
That's to change the bucket for a bigger one.
The employment situation of our security forces, shameful without remedy. In fact nationalists have trampled police honor with accusations of police brutality, savagery and other niceties while being harassed in hotels, crammed into "tweety" boats and other similar situations. The separatists who claim that they were clubbed, if they had been for real, only half of what they cry, would have filled the hospitals, and that was not the case.
That's closing the door so you don't see the leak.
The failure of our politicians is obvious, I would say flagrant and treacherous. The irrefutable proof of the ominous result for all the formations, has in Barcelona its best example: "Magdalena" Colau, mayor. A woman who has burst the good name of Barcelona, ​​filling it with "manteros", squatters, mafias ... whose mismanagement caused her to lose the mayor's office and that has been booed even by her comrades, despite returning to hang the damn yellow lasso (now a nationalist symbol) on the facade of the Consistory as a first measure, in addition to the flight of companies that she can be be thanked for, the boredom of merchants, neighbors and tourists ...
All of you, candidates for mayor of Barcelona, ​​are directly responsible for this mess.
All of you have foreseen such a possible scenario, but you have been unable to take the necessary measures so that it does not occur.
Everyone will come back one day to ask the people of Barcelona to place their trust in you.
I would not know whether to laugh, cry or run at gorras.
After selling us to "la meona" as the least of the evils, I do not know how they intend to defend their position and maintain their dignity at the same time, if by then something remains in Barcelona that we do not need to deposit in the landfill.
That is to perforate the ground and that the drop falls to the next.
The rest of Spain also suffers the blunders of a political caste worthy of a Stephen Hawking trilogy.
God caught us confessed ...

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