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"The classrooms belong to everyone!"

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Young students and teachers protest against Catalan nationalism kidnapping their classrooms
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 24/10/2019 2019

Youth is the most fragile group in Catalonia, and not because their minds are more permeable to radical ideas or their hormonal revolution makes them more prone to violence. The fragility lies in the fact that young people, and especially university-grade students, are trapped by a clamp formed by teachers (many) and classmates (some) who tell them that they have to defend the ideas of nationalism because that's the right thing to do, without any chance to reply or debate.

The discrepancy is very badly seen in the nationalist environment, but the discrepancy in adolescence and youth age can be dramatic for the alienation of a young adult. Thinking for yourself, if your conclusions take you away from hegemonic thinking, it's something you can't afford. Requesting your exam in Spanish, even if the law allows it, may lead to your name being on a list. Having a photo on Facebook where you go out celebrating Hispanic Day can lead to a nationalist boss discarding you by default in a selection process in the future, something that is very difficult to happen if the situation is the reverse.
But when the injustice is so manifest that not only many students are showing up, but also many teachers who had remained silent are freed from the bond of fear and compromise their jobs by telling that the future of their students can't be kidnapped by any ideology.
This Wednesday the outrage finally crystallized in protests at the Faculty of Law of Barcelona when those responsible allowed (as so many other times) that four hooded boys (and it's not a manner of speaking, they were four of them) were entrenched in the faculty and prohibited students from attending to class "until the republic arrived". The collusion of the management, which at the smallest incident opts to close the facility, caused more then a hundred students to protest at the entrance of the faculty "The classrooms belong to everyone" and "We want to go to class".
In this video published by Cronica Global we can see how this Thursday other hooded people block access to the faculty of economics.
The association of young constitutionalists S'ha Acabat, which during these days has organized protocols to try to allow students to attend class, has denounced this situation on the Diagonal campus, which has been extended to other faculties in which students refuse to continue losing classes because some radicals impose it on them.
Meanwhile, secessionist groups repeatedly demonstrate under the slogan "Don't touch our kids", although what they talk about is to free the detainees for executing the acts of vandalism in Barcelona, ​​because those and not others are "their kids" . Young Catalans whose life remains paralyzed at the expense of radicals do not seem to be "theirs".
Finally the students have managed to overcome the barricades of the hooded and have gained access to the faculty. A small victory that surely will not be seen on TV3. A victory against totalitarianism that aims to kidnap not only their present, but also their future.

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