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The craze for the single language at its peak: You have to insult in Catalan

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The municipality of Valls teaches its young people to insult in the language of the regime
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 30/11/2020 2624

If someone thought they had seen it all in the nationalist struggle for the supremacy of the unique language, think again, because this time they have overcome.

Those of us who are not nationalist Catalans (or as nationalists say: Spaniards who live in Catalonia) are used to these kind of things. We have already become accustomed to seeing posters in schools, bookstores and toy stores, addressing infants with the phrase "I tu, no jugues en Català? (And you, Don't play in Catalan?). And we have suffered a monolingual labeling that in some municipalities don't even represent 25% of the population, depriving us of the cultural richness of bilingualism that we Catalans have enjoyed for five hundred years, and even some quarter-hour gurus have taught us to " in Catalan". What remains to be seen?
Well, something as edifying as curse. And the fault lies with TV3, for so many years putting programs and ahows in which Catalan speakers are all upper class, solvent and well-spoken, while Spanish speakers are poor illiterate condemned to misery or good people whose children are already "adapting" by giving up the language of Cervantes. So it's natural that all the profanities are uttered in Spanish.
And I'm not going to deny that the Catalan language has some very trempat insults, that to say to anyone carallot (asshole), somiatruites (tortilladreamer or troutdreamer, as you prefer) or "ves-te'n a pastar fang" (go for mud pastures) they have a je ne se quois, a bouquet that resembles such disqualifications with those of the French (their merde seems to even smell better than our spanish mierda).
But from there to the council to carry out a campaign to teach young people to insult (because that's what the Valls city council is doing), it borders on the absurd, although knowing that it's under the baton of the party of Puigdemont (who thinks that we Catalans "have to expel the invaders") and Torra (who considers the Spaniards "beasts in human form that drink hatred"), it's less unexpected. For that we pay our councilors, of course, to teach their cupaires offspring that when they burn a container or push a dissenting girl they don't use expressions such as pava or pringao, but figa flor or matat.
If I may, I'm going to take note of this cultural richness, which in no way should be neglected, but in no case am I going to stop thinking that the thinking heads (if there are) of the Valls town hall, in addition to being uns matats They are some big cenutrios, cantamañanas de medio pelo, some jetas and (of course) "uns carallots", because I'm bilingual. How nice it's to insult someone with a wide lexicon! What is not so beautiful is to dedicate the taxpayer's money to these kind of nonsense at the current times.
Also, they are not even original. To impose a single language? Franco already did that. And like him, they will fail.

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