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Torra, don't leave us

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The ineptitude and zapidity of the nationalist president are now more necessary than ever
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 20/11/2019 1943

If we go back seven years ago, to that festive day and "kumbayá" of 2012 in which hundreds of thousands of smiling Catalans took to the streets flying stelae and defending "the government of the best", the "Catalonia without corruption" and the "revolution of smiles", it would be very difficult for us to anticipate what this movement has become today.

But one of the reasons we can now see it has been the progressive degeneration of the leaders who have led it, the best of which was Jordi Pujol, the alleged corrupt and confessed evader, followed by Arturo (Artur) Mas, the opportunist convert which made its own party disappear adding a suicidal turn to the increasing corruption. Puigdemont came to succeed (with the imposition and blessing of the CUP) to fill the role of replacement and useful fool, being somewhat less fool than expected, but also much less useful. And the story became a tradition when the flight of the "legitimatepresident" (although no one had voted for him) gave way to Torra, another great stranger, after the mandatory "white smoke" from the CUP.
And it's to Torra to whom we all owe the knowledge we now have of that totalitarian phenomenon known as "Catalan Nationalism". Here are some of his milestones:
- He has demonstrated his supremacism in press articles, tweets and statements. His racist qualification of the Spaniards as "Beasts with human form", his claim that the dissenting Catalans "have a tare in their DNA" or that "it's not natural for Catalan children to speak in Spanish" would make Goebbles cry excited.
- He has demonstrated his lack of respect for the fundamentals of democracy, executing in first person the occupation of public space with political symbols, self-incriminating for the crime and declaring himself to be above the law that prosecutes him. He has claimed the Slovenian route to Catalonia. Any totalitarian would cheer him.
- He has made clear his commitment to violence and non-democratic ways, supporting the attacks and sabotages of the repression commandos (self-proclaimed CDR), which he considers "friends" and "family" and that he has personally led in their road blockade, whose wife (also CDR) has participated in the siege of the Prat airport, her daughter Helena's car was spotted at the border cuts, and her son Guillem is a liaison for the CDRs detained in the "Operation Judas". His commitment to the commandos created in the Puigdemont era is such that everyone links them to him. When the CDRs have shouted "Independence or Barbarism!" Torra has seconded them.
- He has made public his admiration for the Badia brothers, creators of fascist paramilitary militias, something very present for the highest supporter of the CDR. Recall especially Miquel Badia, "Captain Bollocks", racist and violent at maximum, and also a torturer. A true example of life.
- It has boasted of boorishness and bad manners when threatening between laughs to fart at the judicial headquarters. It's a minor fact, it's true, but it gives us an idea of ​​the real level of the "ambassador of the ratafía".
- He has refuse to work. Likewise. During the first year his government did'nt aprove any law and the second year he has hardly done anything. The parliament has been basically closed and Catalonia remains operational by pure inertia. If he's not the most inept ruler who has occupied the office of "president" it's because he has also given up occupying it, since he has it reserved for the fled ex-president of Waterloo.
In summary. That such an individual is president of the Catalan Generalitat and his faithful on the street go "President, President!" offers a terrifying and shameful portrait of Catalan nationalism that no one in Europe can overlook. All the supposed virtues, all the pacifism, that moral superiority ... everything is on the ground. Many nationalists (I know it) give up talking about him, upset and embarrassed. They don't like how this epic is developing, which one day seemed like a dream for them.
That's why many constitutionalists want Torra not to leave, to endure a little more.
I hope your disqualification is late. I hope that you endure the months necessary to be forced to call autonomous elections, instead of throwing yourself into the dubious epic of being sentenced to a golden retirement, that the "Spanish State" do you the favor of snatching a charge that you have never wanted.
Stay with us one more time, Quim. May all Europe see who you are and what you represent.

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