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Torra leaves everything in idle talk

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Despite his grandiloquent speeches, the president again avoids unilateralism and disobedience
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 15/10/2019 1418

The example of October 1, 2017 is still very recent for Quim Torra, so the current president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, despite his incendiary speeches and his calls for disobedience, is avoiding saying or doing anything that could lead to same situation as his imprisoned colleagues. Let's put some examples:

* He has not removed the Spanish flag of the Generalitat, despite the fact that hanging and unloading banners is his thing.
* He has not opened prisons to free his fellow prisoners, although he has the keys (metaphorically speaking), since prison powers are transferred to Catalonia.
* He has not declared independence, although it's what his faithful expected of him.
Catalan nationalism as a whole plays the double game this week. A power play between neoconvergents and republicans, with the mind set on the electoral board facing not only the next general elections, but especially the next (and perhaps final) regional elections, where not only the hegemony will be decided within of independence, but if this is capable of retaining the majority of seats (since they have never had the majority of votes).
However, there are two key issues that make the independence forces need to continue mobilizing the masses in the way they do.
* They have put all their media machinery up and running and it's not impossible for any support to be produced, however small, somewhere. At the moment it doesn't seem to happen, because the first supports (from France and Germany) has been for Spain, its democracy and its legal system.
* They can't admit to their faithful that the game has changed. The first party to admit it openly will have the rejection of the most radical sectors, those still convinced that their wishes, despite being chimerical and minority, can still be fulfilled.
At this point ERC and the PDECAT (or whatever they decide to call themselves) play that sterile game of our adolescence in which we were late at night at the disco and we wanted to go to sleep, but nobody wanted to be the first to recognize it.
At first sight it's ERC who has the numbers to embrace first the pragmatism that once belonged to his opponent, with the less aggressive attitude of Junqueras and the (relative) turn to a certain common sense of Gabriél Rufián, by which his followers are about to become their executioners. However, once this last cartridge of civil conflict is burned (and if we are lucky that no serious misfortune occurs) it'll be the moment of the politics of realities, and at that time the PDECAT probably will want to recover that space that the Republicans are snatching him.
Today the epic sweetening of yesterday's performances still resonates, but the graphic documents of a violence from which Torra is becoming increasingly difficult to disassociate are already beginning to gather. Aggressions against an older lady, attacks on a girl, kicking a female mosso on the ground by those who raise their hands as "people of peace".. Increasingly unfortunate (but not surprising) images that contribute nothing to dignify a protest that never made sense. The play is about to end, and soon the fight for control of nationalism (and for its own existence) will be fierce.

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