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Torra's alleged plan: That the CDRs "force" him

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Some hypotheses indicate that Torra maneuvered to have his CDR push him to declare independence
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 29/09/2019 1946
We can't forget at any time that we move in the field of hypotheses and that the word "alleged" is more necessary than ever (although nationalism seems to ignore it when it accuses the Spanish government of "assembly").
And it's in this area, that of the most debated hypothesis, in which a very clear plan is outlined. If you have to believe the version of one of those arrested in the "Judas" operation, the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, would be aware of at least one of the operations of the ERT ("Equip de Resposta Tàctica" o Tactical Response Team) of the CDR: occupation and siege of the Parliament of Catalonia for several days. In fact, the detainee would have declared that Torra himself would facilitate the group's entry to the Parliament, as apparently the president has done on Friday with several nationalist activists who have hung a second banner on the Generalitat's balcony after he followed the court order and sent pick up the first with the yellow bow.
Evidently one of the detainees saying "they told me that Torra was up to date and would facilitate our entry" is not proof of anything, but a very worrying statement. Even more if the statement is reinforced by the fact that President Torra did get to meet another member of the ERT in recent dates, what makes everything more worrisome.
That said, I'll insist once again that we the media must act with responsibility more than ever. The cover of the ABC of the day 28 entitled on its cover "TORRA PLANNED WITH THE CDR TAKE THE PARLIAMENT AFTER THE JUDGMENT OF THE 1-O", in capital letters. I'm sorry, but not being a proven fact, no serious means can go out with that cover. It's true that under the title, in smaller print, "One of the detainees accused of terrorism confesses to the judge." But that doesn't amend the fact. That shouldn't be done, because it puts journalism at the height of those online advertisements that search for clicks of the type of "Try not to shout when you see how this or that artist has changed". The serious press cannot fall so low. The "allegedly" or "seemingly" are mandatory, specially in the cover.
Of course this can't make us forget the increasingly worrying defense at all costs that all nationalist parties (and also the so-called "commons", to their own shame) carry out, without any evidence, on suspects who haven't been detained until the evidence against them and the risk they represented have been so evident that they could not be left alone (and here I'll also add that "allegedly"). Even after two of the detainees confess their plans, the mass has ceased to be uncritical. On the streets, nationalists ask, or rather, "demand" their immediate release. They homage their explosives with fireworks. After several days of trying to justify them (that if they only had "a sack and a pot", that if they were "firecrackers for the correfocs", that if "they didn't plan to cause dead") the demonstrators no longer bother trying to defend the detainees innocence. They no longer listen to the forces of the law, nor to the (few) politicians who asked for calm. By not listening, they don't even listen to the detained CDRs themselves. They simply want them free, even if they are guilty, even if they have bombs and even if they were going to blow them up against Catalan infrastructures. While some protesters still repeat that they are "radically democratic", they all already show that they are definitely on the other side of democracy, that is, where it has no effect.
And speaking of slogans, the "They are innocent" mixes with the "Freedom political prisoners" and with the "F **ng Spain", with the "Pim, pam, pum, let's be no one left!", With the "Die to the Bourbons" and with "We'll do it again!" (which apparently should refer to the popular uprising). This vindictive gibberish only makes one thing clear: It' not known yet if Torra had a plan for the CDR to "squeeze" him and thus be able to declare independence, but what seems clear is that he never had a plan in case everything was discovered ahead of time.
Let's get in the hypothetical situation that Torra was innocent. What the hell! Let's put ourselves in the unlikely situation that the CDRs and their "Tactical Response Teams" were meek little lambs preparing a "correfoc" for the village festivities. If that were the case, Torra's angry response would continue to be an incendiary bomb trying to capitalize on an incident to turn it into a social outbreak.
Since at the present time the nationalism that goes out on the street, led by its leaders, is simple anger without a slogan, without direction, without purpose. The absurd denialism of Quim Torra, who refuses to condemn any possible violence by stating that "something that doesn't exist can't be condemned," is causing a forward flight that can only harm us all. An irresponsible call to hate the "enemy" and insurrection in the streets. The "hot autumn" promised.  An inflamed conflict at its peak that will hardly be resolved unless Catalan regional elections are held in which support for nationalism recedes, as is foreseeable, definitely punishing this totalitarian drift.
Because today Catalan nationalism has abandoned democracy and is preparing for civil strife.

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