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Upcoming demonstrations against Pedro Sánchez for breaking his promises

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Several protests are prepared against the hypocrisy of the acting president
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 03/01/2020 1822

Pedro Sánchez has a huge face. A face made of cement, or reinforced concrete, in case anyone doubts its hardness. Because politicians saying one thing in campaign and another when governing is already something usual, but that of our eternal acting president exceeds all limits. And many people have lost patience.

Never in the history of Spanish democracy had a president broken all his electoral promises before being invested. Sanchez has done it, and is fully aware of it. The acting president who has held such a condition for the longest time minimizes his exposure in the media, and when he has no choice but to appear he admits no questions. Their spokesmen have to swallow the shame by "selling" to the media arguments contrary to those they defended a few days ago and the socialist barons turn uncomfortable in their armchairs for fear of protesting and losing them. Minority parties also shut up and look the other way while giving their YES in exchange for crumbs from their own country. Only the example of Revilla, regionalist president of Cantabria and until recently one of Sanchez's greatest supporters, shows some dignity by withdrawing his support in the face of such nonsense.
Let's review some of Sánchez's most flagrant rudder turns:
"I will not sleep peacefully with members of Podemos in the government, and most Spaniards will not."
It's the phrase with which he justified the elections in which he not only lost power, but also reduced the block on the left. The embrace of Pedro and Pablo, as if welcoming the far left within the government had always been the objective, was an image to lead the definition of "hypocrisy." Now you can sleep, Pedro?
"I cannot allow the government of Spain to depend on the independentists"
Also with this phrase he justified the last electoral repetition. Well, at the present time, not only does the government depend on the independentists, but the socialist party has assumed the entire nationalist mental framework, from the "judicialization of the political conflict" to the "bilaterality". The concessions to nationalists are fast and scandalous, while pensions and salaries have to wait until the throne is insured.
"I plan to get a law that outlaws illegal referendums"
With this phrase Sanchez intended to ensure that national sovereignty would not be questioned, but in a matter of days he changed his mind and, juggling, has gone directly to raise a legal referendum on what is discussed in the "bilateral" table with those who gave the coup d'etat. Limits? "Legal and democratic means", says the agreement. No mention is made of the constitution. And here we have to remember that for the Catalan nationalists the illegal and unilateral referendum of October 1 was democracy and the attacks on "Democratic Tsunami" in Barcelona were also. Remember that for them some laws are to follow and others are not. "Yes, but Esquerra has renounced unilateralism", said Ábalos that day and Esquerra replied, minutes later "No. We haven't given up anything".
To a politician hypocrisy is supposed, as much as to a bullfighter the value. It's impossible to maintain 100% coherence with your own ideas when you drag a whole party structure, when you want to please everyone and when a ruler faces the reality of pacts, favors payments and budgetary limits that make up the political arena But no one in any political party in Spain has reached the levels of hypocrisy in which our current acting president moves.
And because of this, in the next few days prior to the investiture, several demonstrations are prepared in the main capitals of Spain against the decisions of a presidential person who, before being invested, has taken a 180 degree turn to the policies for which he has been voted.
On January 3 in Madrid, on January 4 in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza, on January 6 in Barcelona, ​​and on January 12 again in Madrid. Many indignant people, (we'll see how many, because the dates are not conducive to the demonstrations) will tell Pedro Sánchez, without politicians involved, that "this is not what we voted you for".

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