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Violence open bar in Catalonia

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The radicals have burned the streets facing the neighbors while Torra harangued them
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 16/10/2019 1828

The situation has gone out of hands for the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Because the much vaunted "Democratic Tsunami" is no longer democratic, much less Tsunami. Now it is an uncontrolled fire.

This last night in Barcelona the streets have burned. And in Tarragona, Lleida and Girona as well. Literally. Hooded radicals have set fire to everything flammable in its path. Containers, wastebaskets, banks... Not in vain they had "open bar", Corsican patent, institutional complicity, in the form of explicit support from the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra and his spokeswoman, Meritxell Budó. The images of the aggression against an old lady and the attack on a young woman carrying Spanish flags had already circulated. The video of the lynching attempt to a mossa d'esquadra (fortunately frustrated thanks to the help of an undercover agent) had already been disseminated. The Via Layetana was already burning in front of the police station... and Torra and Budó were still supporting the Vandals with their "understanding, sympathy and support".
Message received, loud and clear: "Open bar".
That's why the residents of Barcelona have come down to protect their streets, not from the radicals, but from the fire that devoured their streets while the fire trucks were held by barricades.  They have come loaded with fire extinguishers and buckets of water, being then attacked by hooded radicals who wanted to see their fires burn.
The violence, present from the beginning, is intensified, conveniently directed by a mysterious entity called "Democratic Tsunami" whose instructions dismiss its given name. A source leads us to a trademark registered by the escaped former president Carles Puigdemont in the tax haven of Saint Kitts & Nevis, where the new brand coexists with the crowfunding websites with which he raises funds to maintain his living standards in Waterloo. The same Carles Puigdemont who yesterday claimed the Spanish government to return his privileges and re-enter his former president's salary to pay his "exile".
Have we gone crazy? How do Puigdemont and Torra justify encouraging their acolytes to go to the streets knowing that they are being led by a seemingly anonymous entity that tells them how, when and where to attack? If they admit to knowing who directs the attacks, they are facing a very serious crime, and if they deny it, they are showing the greatest irresponsibility of a living ruler.
It would be hard for me to believe this relationship, in spite of how obvious it seems in light of the facts. It can't be, there's no one so Machiavellian ... unless it fits perfectly with the plans revealed after the arrests of the CDRs, according to which they planned to attack with explosives, kidnap the Parliament (presumably with the connivance of Torra and Puigdemont) so that the president "would be forced" to a new declaration of rupture. Of course it fits.
The problem is that if a ruler allows and encourages young people to be recruited into "Commandos De Represión", to perform violent and intimidating acts, and tells them that they are doing well, and shows them that his own family is with them (as has been seen), and that "their rage is understandable" and that "they have his sympathy" and that "they'll do it again"... so the revolutionized hormones bursts for those young people whom their teachers send to confront "fascism" without even knowing that they are representing it. That "democratic radicality" does not exist, because democracy is not a Tsunami. Democracy is a calm but inexorable tide. And although Barcelona is at low tide today, high tide is inevitable.
Europe, always sensitive to shocking images, shuddered two years ago seeing the portentous photomontage of reality and fake news with which the independence movement sold its ideal of "people of peace" repressed for wanting to "vote". We'll never know how close a country was to swallowing the story and giving its support to a fascism regime disguised as pacifist, but today things have changed. Nothing can prevent Europe from witnessing as from a regional and almost-feudal power haranguing chaos and violence in a poorly disguised way, and not by voting, or by the sentences to an open trial that everyone has witnessed, but by identitarianism and hate, with insults (also recorded today) of "Go to your fucking country!". Something unjustifiable. Something that in the current climate of threat by emerging nationalisms can't be tolerated. No more borders. If anything, less ones.
Today as yesterday, and every day a little more, Torra demonstrates its enormous limitations as a politician, because he isn't one. Torra is a believer in a faith that demands sacrifices. From Pujol to Mas, from Mas to Puigdemont and from Puigdemont to Torra, pragmatism has given way to faith. No arguments are required, only the purifying fire that burns what he doesn't like, as other fascist regimes did before him.

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