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What to do if Hitler comes to give a speech in Plaza Cataluña

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Measures to take before a speech in Barcelona of the greatest Fascist leader in history
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 14/08/2019 1970

Obviously, the first thing we'd have to do would be to call a paranormal investigator like Iker Jiménez, given the mystery that such an event would imply, but since it's understood that we're dealing with an analogy taken to the extreme, we'll consider that the discourse of Hitler in the Plaza Cataluña in Barcelona is a reality and we'll continue from that point.

Let's get in situation. One day on the subway we see the advertising marquees announcing for Sunday a speech of Adolf Hitler himself in Plaza Cataluña. In the poster we see that the meeting is sponsored by "Grossdeustchland Cultural" and a small swastika comes in the corner of the poster.
The next Sunday, if by chance we pass through Plaza Cataluña, maybe we'll find a fenced square and several people among the crowd, dressed like the others but with a red ribbon around the forearm in which we can see a black swastika. These people greet the other people with sympathy and distribute red balloons with black swastikas among adults and children, and also distribute bottles of mineral water labeled with the German Nationalist Association. The scene unnerves us. Then, on a stage mounted in the lower half of the square, a huge curtain is pulled up and standing, before a huge red curtain that shows another black swastika on a white circle, appears the very Adolf Hitler, fürher (leader) of the German fascism of Early last century.
That mischievous man is giving balloons to innocent children who don't know what horror lies behind those bright colors! That being, full of hatred and exclusion, believes he has the right to speak to people who may not be well informed, who may not have received enough education in schools, enough affection from their parents, enough sanity to distinguish good from the evil that he obviously represents. We look around and check with relief that we are not alone. Many people look at each other, incredulous and also outraged. Something must be done!
These are our options:
First option: We scream enraged. We distribute whistles and try to cover the noise so that their words are not heard. Since we aren't able to overcome the volume of these huge amplifiers (whos' paying for all this?) and people keep listening, we start throwing our water bottles to the stage. Two young Nazi ladies enter the stage standing in front of the führer, and raising their hands in the air with their palms open in peace they shout with a defiant smile: "Freiheit! Freiheit!" (Freedom, freedom). I watch the scene in disbelief. It's they who want to subdue our people! They have no right to pronounce that word! That word belongs to us! We are the democrats and they are the fascists! And so outraged are we that we storm against the stage using the fences that cordon the square to destroy the equipment. A colleague throws a micro foot against Hitler himself and contemplates with satisfaction that it hurts his head. We ripped the posters profusely distributed around the square and gathered them in the center, where an indignant partner set them on fire with his lighter. Others fan the fire with some small books, the latest edition of the "Mein Kampf" that were exposed and for sale in a kiosk attached to the stage. We see with satisfaction how the books burn next to the effigy of Hitler as we sing in chorus "Get out - fascists - from our - neighborhoods!.
Second option: We listen to the first words of the former German dictator and check that his speech is the same as always. The indignant people and I turn to the police and the agents tell us that they can do nothing to interrupt the act because the resurrected fascist leader has requested the mandatory permit at the town hall and has it been granted. Some colleagues have recorded part of the speech with their mobile phones and a young man proposes that we file a joint complaint against Hitler for xenophobic comments and hate speech. We make it so. The complaint is admitted and we're waiting for a trial date.
Dear reader, here ends the analogy I wanted to raise. At this point, which option would you choose?
Ah! You want to know which is the party that hides behind this analogy? Don't you realize yet that this is irrelevant? No, it's not the PDECAT nor VOX, nor ERC nor the PP, neither Podemos nor the CUP. In fact there's no party in Spain that can compare to the German NSDAP, even though some concepts and ideas may be unevenly distributed in some current parties. But the subject is not that. The point I want to reach is that it doesn't matter at all if we are constitutionalists or nationalists, if we are from the far left, far right or far center (allow me this license). If our ideological rival wants to take a rally, it's his right. If he wants to advertise, he can do it. If he wants to demonstrate and he gets the appropriate permits, he can demonstrate. Our democracy is that guarantee. And if we don't like what our ideological / political rival is saying, let's say it. Let's denounce it, resorting to the rule of law. But we must not sabotage their actions. Let's not chase their militants to their homes. Don't follow their children to their schools, don't illegally counter their demonstrations, don't threaten their freedom of expression, regardless how much horrible it may seem to us what they think or say. Let's not kick them out of "our streets" when we consider them unworthy, because the streets are not "ours", but everyone's. Even the very resurrected Hitler’s, if he appears with his visa in order.
Because if we did all those things, Hitler would remain Nazi, but the real fascists would be us.

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