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When they say "Sit and Talk" but they do "Hit and Burn"

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Yesterday's riots once again contradicted the message of the "Democratic" Tsunami
Voces Layetanas
José A. Ruiz 19/12/2019 1857
I came to think that the Tsunami Democratic boys would disappoint me. At the end of the day their demands were the freedom to hang vindictive banners in the play field and that the government sat down to talk to the coup plotters, and both were guaranteed. Pedro Sanchez the non-sleeper had a negotiating team leaving his buttocks on the chairs of the negotiating table shared with ERC and had genuflected by telephone before Torra, the delegate of the Waterloo escape, while Barça gave in to blackmail and allowed the banners Claims wave insulting in the stands.
But what the hell! As they said in Braveheart, "We haven't painted ourselves like this for nothing". So the "Tsunámic" (the hashtag of the day was #Tsunamicdemocratic) began with half an hour of chants and kumbayás. All the funny performances orchestrated (presumably) from Waterloo were intended to give a safe and festive image of the event. Launch of "democratic" inflatable (yellow) balls, posters, masks of Messi .. but immediately that pacifist formula was running out. Soon among the choirs of peace began to sneak the usual "long live" to a certain terrorist band that has the shameful record of being the most inefficient in history (Terra Lliure caused more deaths among its own members than among its objectives).
Several "surímic" dedicated themselves to harass to the assistants, before beginning the match. Some tried to hinder their access. Many sang "Els segadors" loudly, as if each of the words could hurt. "Bon cop de falç!" (Good blow of sickle!) "Esmolem ben bé les eines!" (Let's sharpen the tools well!) "Que tremoli l'enemic!" (Let the enemy tremble!) You know, love and smiles. Among the people some ask themselves "When are we going to make a real mess?"
So once the moods warmed up, the "tsunamics" changed the boring mantra of "Sit and Talk" to the funniest "Hit and Burn". They started shyly, surrounding and harassing the Spanish Television journalist, who ended up being throwed "democratic" droppings for her boldness of wanting to report what was happening. Then they started throwing objects at the cops' vans, but they didn't respond, so it wasn't that fun. They returned to the journalist, and as another live connection was prepared they waited for the signal to burn the first thrash container. There, some attendees began to cheer up, because until now they had only achieved a good pain of their feet and missing the football match. The smiles appeared on their faces with the purifying fire. And they started doing what they like. As there's no one to hit, they engage the "Boixos nois", but these radicals are not newbies at the time of violence. So the "tsunamics" have to run away. That's not what they have prepared for. They returned to known terrain.
Burning containers .. challenges to the cops.. "Run everyone, they are storming!" The hormones fired while hooded youth live epic skirmishes that later TV3 will emit in slow motion exposing the most glorious images in a vidiwall on a discussion table full of indignant independence fighters with no discrepancy. More attacks on journalists (pity, now they wear helmets). Well, after all, that won't be broadcast on nationalist TV3 ... and the game is not over yet.
And inevitably the wounded arrive. The charges of the mossos fill some people with bruises. In the heat by the attacks of "the brave" some agents give more blows than the strictly necessary .. although nothing we don't see in any other demonstration with people facing the police. Many of these young people are surprised or outraged, without understanding that the police cannot be beaten with impunity, that they will respond. Others, more daring, attack a police van and manage to open it even if they fail to enter it. Chaos. Terror.
And little else happens (as if the avobe description wasn't enough) because after a night of burning and breaking things, even that is not news in Barcelona. Thanks to Sánchez, Torra and Colau, the true invincible trident that has swept through Barcelona. Hate has returned to the streets. There has been a tragic news that is no longer news.
0 - 0. It's the end of the match. And it's also the result that Tsunami Democrátic has achieved. It hasn't drawn international attention to Catalonia. He hasn't shaken the foundations of anything. Just a day of local glory, a Trending Topic to take to their dry lips, a blowout for vandals with a withdrawal syndrome after a month without burning things. But a victory for no one. Some commentary at the bottom of the page on how a few thousand nationalists calling for dialogue and respect for human rights and then broking and burning things as usual.
It's easy for me to imagine two Europeans commenting on the topic while having lunch:
- "How was the match?".
- "Boring. There were no goals. And I think they said something about some nationalist riots".
- "Are they still with that? And what is the government of Spain doing?".
- "You don't know? It's been a year since they've had a government".
- "I think this summer I will visit Rome".
- "Weren't you going to Barcelona?".
- "I don't know, we'll see".

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